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Foundry Wash & Dry Silica Sand Manufacturer in Vatva, Ahmedabad

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Silica Sand Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Sand industrial foundry silica sand consists primarily of clean, uniformly sized, high-quality silica sand or lake sand, which is bonded to form molds for ferrous (Iron and Steel) and nonferrous (Copper, Aluminum, Brass) metal castings. Industries account that approximately 95 percent of the silica sand is used for castings. The automotive industry and automobile parts suppliers are the major generators of silica sand in Ahmedabad. The most common casting process used in the foundry industry is the sand cast system. The high-grade silica sand, offered by us, is 100 % pure and natural. We are currently exporting silica Sand throughout India, and repeated orders from various clients are the testimony of its excellent quality. Our premium silica sand is thoroughly tested in our well-facilitated testing labs so that customers always get the best quality. Such salient features have brought our name among the prominent natural silica sand manufacturers, exporters and suppliers from Ahmedabad. Chemical composition sio 2, the general impurities are iron/aluminum oxides and lime Physical Characteristics Sandstone is a friable and hard. The grain size of the particles is variable. It is friable and mainly brown to grey in color.

Grades Special Grade: Intended for the manufacturing of high-grade colorless glass, such as crystal glass, tableware and other decorative wares.

Grade 1: Intended for the manufacturing of decolorized glassware, such as container ware, lamp ware.

Grade 2: Intended for the fabrication of glassware where slight tint is permissible.

Grade 3: Intended for the manufacturing of glasses like sheet glass and some colored glass like iron sulphur amber glass Geological Setting Silica Sand occurs as loose or poorly consolidated deposits of sedimentary origin or as dunes blow inland from the coast or as accumulated deposits in estuaries.

Foundry Wash and Dry Silica Sand Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Silica Sand is one of the common varieties of sand in the world. This is widely used in different industrial processes for making glass, moulds and castings. It is utilized in different ways like glass manufacturing, industrial casting, water filtration, sand blasting, concrete etc... This sturdy and durable mineral is resistant to chemicals and heat that makes it able to be used in different industries. It is the most common mineral found in the Earth continental crust. This silica sand is developed from breaking down the quartz crystals. It comes with a high level of purity without any kind of adulteration. It is also used commercially by companies that are engaged in the oil and natural gas sector in unconventional and conventional resources. It is high purity silica sand available with closely controlled sizing. In addition to this, it is available in a more precise form than asphalt gravels and common concrete.

Usages of Foundry Wash & Dry Silica Sand:

1) Utilized in different industrial sectors such as personal care products, glass, construction materials, electronics etc...
2)Used for equestrian surfaces, golf course root zones, artificial turf etc...
3)Used for disodium ultramarine, water purification, synthetic foundry moulding catalysts etc...
4)Used in the development of refractory, acid heat resistant ceramics, pottery glaze, enamel and many more.

Washed Graded Dry Silica Sand Process Methods

1) Dried by fluidized bed dryer
2) Sieving as per customer requirement (AFS)
3) High silica content
4) Low clay content
5) Low resin addition

Specialties of Silica Sand

1) Silica content Min 98.5 %
2) Clay Content NIL & Dried by fluidized bed drier
3) We are able to produce the customer’s critical specification also
4) All AFS Silica Sand as per client requirement
5) 100 % Possible to reduce the resin addition to our sand

Glass Grade Silica Sand


  • 1) Molecular Weight: 60.083 g/mol
  • 2) Molecular Formula: O2Si or SiO2 or (SiO2)n
  • 3) CAS Number: 7631-86-9
  • 4) State: Crystalline Powder
  • 5) Appearance/Color: Milky White or colorless
  • 6) Melting Point: 1750°C
  • 7) Density: 2.65

Foundry Silica Sand

Chemical/Physical Property:

  • 1) Density (g/cm3): 2.2
  • 2) Thermal conductivity (Wm-1 K): 1.4
  • 3) Thermal expansion coeff. (10-6 K-1): 0.4
  • 4) Tensile strength (MPa): 110
  • 5) Fracture toughness (MPa): 0.79
  • 6) Melting point (°C): 1830

White Silica Sand


  • 1) Molecular Weight: 60.08
  • 2) Molecular Formula: SiO2
  • 3) CAS Number: 14808-60-7
  • 4) Boiling Point: 4046 F.
  • 5) Melting Point: 2930 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 6) Whiteness: white powder
Silica Sand


Dry Silica Sand


Silica Sand Brown
Dry Silica Sand White
Dry Silica Sand Brown
ilica Sand White

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